International Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to adjustments made to your website and related links in order to rank well for natural (organic) listings across cultural divides.

International SEO can be key to removing the kinks from your cross-cultural websites. Improving ranking positions is done by focusing on traditional skills-sets and tailoring the content towards the specific cultural backgrounds.

Consideration must given to cultural differences: there are issues such as the fact that no one likes to be referred to as “foreign”, many countries are very sensitive to political signals like flags, and that for a website owner trying to sell things to other countries, it’s natural to talk about “exporting”, but the people looking at your website are probably interested in “importing”!

All of the above not only affect the keywords people use to search for your website, but also how they view your website once they get there. On the web, you have a very short period of time to make a good first impression. You don’t want to alienate your potential visitors with a shoddy translation.