Your SEO focus should be all encompassing, meaning you have to consider elements beyond your company’s website. For some time now, social media has been growing as an essential component of every business’ SEO strategy. This is due to the ongoing prevalence of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and how they are increasingly being geared towards consumers and sales. So how can your business use social media to build brand awareness and boost your SEO strategy?

Social sharing

Trending content does extremely well on social media and can bring a huge amount of traffic to your website. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness and get exposed to previously untapped audiences. Popular articles, stories and content will give your SEO a significant boost because of the many indirect links to your website created by sharing. It’s not so much the links on the social platforms that provides link value, but publishers will use social media sites for references, which does provide link value and helps to improve rankings.

Social platforms with high ranking

A lot of the time, social media platforms have high domain authority. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are trusted domains with a high ranking potential. So if your business is registered with various social media sites and your brand has a number of social profiles, this can create multiple search listings. This improves your ranking potential because of the saturation of your brand.