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SEO + SEM – 300% growth in conversions over 12 months


This design school was looking at improving their organic search rankings and optimising the Google Adwords setup to drive more leads. They had been working with another agency for the past 12 months but weren’t happy with the results.

Key Challenges

  • A poorly structured website with several responsiveness issues.
  • A Google ads setup not optimised for conversions but focussed on driving clicks and impressions.
  • A rigid CMS with limited customisation capabilities.

Our Solution

We worked with the client to build a new conversion and SEO-optimised website. The new website was built around search personas to build relevance and engage the target audience. The Google ads setup was also completely revamped to focus on driving enquiries rather than clicks.


The optimisation efforts yielded some great results:

  • 500% growth in monthly enquiries generated from non-paid search.
  • Over a 350% improvement in number of monthly leads generated from paid search and a 75% improvement in conversion rates.