Now, now, don’t be silly…” that’s a common phrase repeated by us when we come across the worried expressions of skeptics who are a little bit blind-sighted when it comes to seeing how Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPCs) can actually benefit their visibility online. We find that as a search marketing company, we have to take a motherly stance on these types of things; it’s sort of like a mother reassuring her angry little teenage son that they will actually be getting a ROI through pay-per-click campaigns, because after all, they do have a limited budget therefore why on earth would they be wanting to splurge all of their pocket money on a singular advertising channel? (Even though PPC makes it abundantly clear that you don’t have to!).

I think that there needs to be a greater amount of awareness created as to the direct benefits of PPCs, because a lot of companies are totally oblivious when it comes to understanding the true benefits of running a PPC campaign. With this in mind (and if you happen to be in the learning stages of PPC), let me run you through some of the benefits:

  1. PPC allows you to be cost-effective! With PPC advertising you can completely control how much you spend for a targeted lead – as the name suggests – you only pay for traffic that is acquired from your ads.
  2. Be Targeted – Your advertisement is only displayed when a user types your keyword into a search engine. This means that the ad is already being shown to someone you know is interested in the same topic as your product or service, if not the exact product or service. Other advantages of the targeting capabilities? Well, you can make your target market as broad as you like or keep it specific, depending on your keyword targets, and you can also target users based on a geographical region – which is pretty cool – because if you’re selling NSW state of origin jerseys for example, you’re not going to want to target those traitors in Queensland!! The targeting DOES involve a lot of critical thinking though, because you want to be as far ahead of your competition as possible… But we can always help you with this… That’s what we do.
  3. “Hi, I’m a paid ad: click on me” – PPC advertising inherently promotes your website/product/service across the World Wide Web in its entirety, which can be particularly beneficial for new businesses. You can target as many keywords as you desire and you can arrange for your ad to be shown as often as you like and still stay firmly within your budget. PPC is a direct medium of advertising that reconvenes the attention of hundreds of thousands of keyword relevant search engine users. With a targeted, extended reach of this calibre you effectively obtain a level of advertising some of your other competitors could only dream of.

The benefits really are unparalleled when it comes to the performance of digital advertising versus traditional print media and television. Though, it is understandable that more conventional companies may still be in the transitional stage in their switch into the online realm. If you’re one of these companies, and you want to take the reins of this amazing advertising medium, talk to us – and we can be your PPC brains.