Clients and customers are astute researchers these days – looking up reviews, feedback and competitors online before they approach you to buy your product.

Now you can be a part of this process and nurture your customers on their journey through to purchase. You should be using paid search as part of your strategy of inbound marketing because:

1. Paid search provides awareness while customers search.

People are searching on their mobiles, tablets and personal computers. You want your brand to be front and center when they do. Paid search allows you to get your business in front of people who are searching for relevant keywords.

2. Paid search complements SEO.

If your SEO isn’t quite up to scratch yet, PPC can bolster your search results. It’s generally advisable to have a mix of the two marketing strategies as part of your overall marketing campaign to ensure you maximise your results from search engines – and bolster the weaknesses of any one method.

3. You can change your message mid-campaign.

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, paid search advertisements can be updated in real time, meaning you can change what you’re displaying on the fly as your circumstances, budget, or services change. This is particularly useful for businesses where your services are rapidly changing each day or new deals come and go.

4. You can shape your reach to your needs.

PPC allows you to reach a broad or narrow audience based on geography, which can be adjusted based on your goals. Trying to drive interest in a particularly local area? Or just seeking to increase your overall visibility and awareness? PPC can work for both objectives.

5). Paid search can boost other marketing activities.

We know that people aren’t just arriving at your website from one advertisement or piece of content and making a purchase. Rather, they’re going through different channels in a chain of activities working towards purchase. It’s therefore important to give leads as many ‘links’ in the chain as possible – whether that be PPC, content, SEO, or some other marketing activity.

Keeping PPC as a part of your overall strategy ensures you cover all bases and maximise the results you can gain from search marketing.