Why are digital marketing agencies growing so rapidly and why might you need one? Consider the growth of one area of potential marketing in particular – social media.

Throw back five or six years, it was really only two – or maybe three – platforms of social media which you needed to monitor and think about incorporating into your overall marketing strategy. But in 2019, the explosion of social media and the world of digital continues apace – and it’s wise for businesses to have some sort of presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more.

Add this to the myriad of other digital marketing activities – everything from SEO, to mobile optimisation, to PPC – and getting your message out online is looking increasingly complex.

Against the backdrop of this digital setting, here’s why digital marketing agencies are continuing to boom:

1. Specialisation.

It’s no longer a reality that you can have a “marketing guy” or other kind of guru. The Facebooking that at one point might have been the responsibility of your communications manager has evolved into a multi-platform, multi-expertise job that must be done by an expert if you’re to have the results you need.

And that’s just one element of a marketing mix that includes SEO, PPC, SEM, EDM, and content writing. As these jobs are increasingly specialised, businesses are outsourcing to digital marketing agencies to get the attention to detail and expertise needed.

2. Global Outlook

Competition isn’t just businesses in your area anymore. Almost all businesses operate in a digital landscape in 2019, which means you may be facing sophisticated marketing tactics from businesses halfway across the globe.

Digital marketing agencies make it their business to stay up-to-date with the bleeding edge of global marketing strategy and tactics, meaning a business that works with them gets the benefit of this.

3. Prioritisation.

The sheer amount of choice amongst marketing strategies can be overwhelming for many businesses. Facebook or LinkedIn? PPC or SEO? The benefit of a digital marketing agency is they’re experts in getting the best ROI possible and selecting the marketing activities that will give your business the best bang for buck.

4. Long Tail.

The long tail here refers to all those small digital marketing agencies with a low cost margin competitive with more traditional forms of marketing.

The lowering of digital marketing overheads means it’s more feasible for small-to-medium businesses to undertake the services of an agency – and they are.

5. Metrics.

You have to justify your marketing spend. And digital marketing agencies know this – and put in the effort to make sure you’re getting the best possible ROI for your business. They can make the business case, and be held more accountable, than internal marketing departments.

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