Many traditionalists are not entirely convinced of the effectiveness of  digital marketing. Perhaps it seems too simple or too straightforward. But here’s how we know it works:


You know what’s great about digital marketing? There are tangible results to show the extent of your reach – you can see who interacted with your content, their approximate locality, and even how long they engaged with your content. This sort of data is invaluable, and helps marketers achieve actual results by adjusting their strategy to what they see is effective through metrics and other analytical tools. Whereas outbound marketing tends towards one-sidedness and can sometimes be overwhelming, inbound digital marketing offers a more targeted approach.

Two-way communication

Digital marketing is great for starting a dialogue with consumers because it encourages conversation and direct contact between companies and clients. Social platforms have made companies more accessible than ever, and have also enabled consumers to participate with content that should be ultimately seen as beneficial to the company. Comments on blogs, social, media, tweets, customer reviews – these things all help companies gain a better understanding of their customers, and also increases brand awareness. Whether the user generated content or interactions with the company are critical or complementary, it is still feedback that is capable of helping you understand in what ways your company can adjust its marketing techniques, products or services to be more effective and valuable to the consumer.

Selling to the right audience

No matter how good your marketing technique is, your advertising could very well fall on deaf ears. Take this very specific example that is applicable to any niche: your company sells a cream that is specifically beneficial for eczema sufferers. If you have a acquired a national televised spot for your ad, how many people will actually engage with it, and how many people will just automatically tune out? By comparison, digital marketing brings the buyer to you through SEO and search engine optimisation. Interested users may, for example, search “lotion for sensitive skin” or similar search terms. If your website has been SEO optimised, then the only thing you really have to do is convince an already interested buyer that your product is the one for them.