One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is introducing their brand to new consumers. Not only to introduce new customers to your company, but to generate leads that can be followed up and nurtured. Social media has been a handy tool, but there are plenty of other ways to raise brand awareness too.


eBooks provide undeniable value, this is especially so for B2B marketing campaigns. It’s industry-focussed and useful for those who are actually looking for what you’re providing. Not only that, but its educational nature means that clients are more likely to view your business as an authority in the industry. With the right landing page and social campaign to complement it, eBooks can really drive traffic to your website, and even convert this traffic to leads. Its effectiveness comes from its (often accurate) perception that they are a valuable resource, so clients are more ready to jump on board when the time is right.

Free samples

Confident in what you have to offer? You should be. Let customers try it for themselves and come back to you themselves. Just because this may seem a little old school doesn’t mean it won’t work. Free samples are popular because they require no commitment from the consumer – they get to try before they buy and make up their own mind. Give this age old method an update by adding social media icons on the packaging to let people know where they can find you again.

Gift cards and discount codes

The next best thing to cold hard cash. Give customers a reason to shop with you – whether it’s a $5 voucher to use on their next online purchase or a 20% discount – let them know that they have this great offer waiting for them. There’s a lot to the phrasing as well. If you’re offering $5 off the customer’s next purchase, it seems like they’ve already gained something in a monetary sense, whereas a percentage discount appears less so. Vouchers don’t have to be anything substantial – a little goes a long way. The great thing is, these kinds of discount offers not only drive leads, but they drive sales as well. Set an expiration date to add that extra sense of scarcity and exclusivity.