In general, B2B marketing requires a lot more work. Basically, the more you put into your campaigns, the higher quality your leads will be. Because of this, B2B marketing does come with its hurdles, and here are the 3 biggest challenges of B2B lead generation that marketers must overcome.

Humanising what you do

More than anything, people want to connect. And one of the biggest challenges that marketers face is actually creating content that speaks to the audience on a human, emotional level. Granted, some organisations have a strict style guide to adhere to, but it’s important to know that not sounding like a pre-written press release can go a long way.


Many marketers find this aspect of marketing very dry, and are hence unwilling to delve too deep. Although this is one of the biggest  challenges, when given the time, breaking down and understanding data can really produce tangible results . Not only can it help you with understanding who’s clicking on your blog or interacting with your Tweet, but it can also give you insight into user trends and interests – how long they spend on a certain page on your website, what time they are most active on social media. From helping marketers create customer profiles to improving SEO, data can really do a lot of work.

Lead scoring

This is the process of assigning points to leads at different stages of the sales funnel. For example, you can score points based on a lead’s job title or the size of the business they work for to gauge how valuable they are as a lead. Lead scoring also helps marketers identify leads who need nurturing, or leads who are on the brink of conversion. This can be tricky because it is a longer and more nuanced process that requires more work. How do you go about getting the required information about your potential clients so you can do the lead scoring at all?

There’s no single trick that will solve the problem, but a good first step is to look at the tools you have at each stage of the lead generation process – and look at how you can use them to separate leads according to quality. Try creating multiple landing pages with different field requirements targeted at users at different stages of the sales funnel.