Many smart marketers will take advantage of an automated workflow to save time and resources. Setting up automated systems is especially effective for inbound marketing because it helps marketers maintain and nurture leads while easing their workload. Here are some of the major benefits of implementing an automated workflow.


It seems obvious, but the primary benefit of marketing automation is saving time. It eliminates the repetitive and tedious tasks that marketers have to see to and frees up their schedule, allowing them instead to direct their attention towards other marketing issues. In this way, marketing automation is a big win for productivity.

Eliminate human error

When tasks are completed manually, it’s inevitable that there is a clear risk of human error. Automation removes this worry and ensures quality is up to the standard required every time.

Customer retention

Automation allows companies to personalise many aspects of the marketing process. Based on the customer’s previous interactions with the content, automated marketing tools can use this information to predict customer needs and personalise content accordingly. It’s an extremely powerful tool that not only increases productivity, but it also helps nurture leads.

Tracking campaign success

Not only can automated workflow systems help manage your leads, it can also help track the success of your content with customers. Plenty of information can be gleaned from looking at customer interaction and behaviour when it comes to your campaigns, and will give marketers lots of pointers when it comes to future marketing.

Brand consistency

Automated marketing ensures that your content is consistent and on brand. This will help customers identify your business easily and increase its visibility.

The benefits of automated workflow are plentiful, but it’s also important to remember that everything should be done in moderation. Despite its ease of use, you don’t want to your customers to receive a barrage of emails daily. Make sure that your content actually provides some value – you don’t want it to get lost amongst all the white noise in the world of online marketing.