The great thing about online marketing is the wealth of resources available to businesses. Whatever you may be trying to achieve, there’ll be more than one solution.

Blogs can serve multiple purposes, and they’re particularly beneficial because they have the ability to generate more leads for your business. B2B marketers who blog on a regular basis can generate up to 67% more leads per month.

Make opt-in forms available

Opt-in forms allow users to sign up to your newsletters, start free trials, book in a free consultation. Making these easily accessible and available on your blog is incredibly important. You can place them at the end of your blog post or in the actual blog post, as long as it is easily noticeable without being too intrusive.

Provide value for users

Give a reason for web browsers to stay on your site by providing valuable, and most importantly, free content for them through your blog. Whether they be eBooks, video tutorials or any other resource that the user will perceive as providing some value or insight, you can use that to capture leads. In return for downloading those free resources, make sure you direct them to a landing page with a capture form.

Quality is better than quantity

Blogs offer you a better chance to really sell to the customer. Unlike listicles and social media posts, the blog affords you a space to go more in-depth and actually provide consumers with something that is useful to them. Use your blog to break down industry relevant news, the latest product developments and technology, as well as provide answers to any common queries about your products and services. Position your business as a leader in that particular industry so you can be viewed as a trusted source. When it comes to sales, consumers will automatically be inclined to go with the company that is more authoritative.

Blogging regularly is half of it

Companies who blog regularly already enjoy an advantage over those who don’t. Producing fresh content attracts users on a regular basis. Plan ahead and use a content calendar so you have regular, fresh content on your blog.

Interact with readers

Respond to user queries and comments on your blogs! Show your customers that you value their opinion and that you’re willing to listen. This shouldn’t be a one-way conversation after all; it’s a dialogue that is mutually beneficial. They will often provide important feedback on how useful your content is to them – which will only help you improve.