We all likely have a sense of the importance of content – the blogs, multimedia, infographics or other information you share on your website or social media. Content shapes the way you engage with potential customers, brings them back to your website, and offers them value that improves your authority and standing as a business.

That’s all well and good in itself, but what about writing the stuff? Thinking up exactly what to write – and how to write it – is a challenge all in itself. Whether you’re writing the content for your website yourself as a business owner, or have a professional digital marketing agency to assist, here’s a handy guide on working out what it is you’re actually going to publish.

Write about what you’ve learnt.

Sharing knowledge that you’ve learnt is a simple and easy way to get content onto your website quickly. If you’re based in a particular industry or expertise, it’s simple to discuss some of the things you’ve learnt in your career so others can share in that knowledge and apply it to their own businesses.

Other examples of things you might have learnt include insights gained from spending money or buying/using a particular product, performing a particular job, or navigating the challenges of a particular project. Your learning is even more valuable if it comes from personal experience – don’t be afraid of sharing.

Write about your successes.

If something’s going well for your business or you have an especial case study success story, you should absolutely share it. If you’re having success with particular tools, products, programs, or similar, that’s useful for people to know. If you’ve changed your business processes or practices with markedly improved results, people would certainly love to hear about that too!

Write about mistakes you’ve made.

Mistakes often have a learning element to them. Writing about things you’ve tried that haven’t worked, errors or mistakes in assuming something was going to take off, or things that used to work for your business but don’t anymore are all excellent blog topics. Like successes, people value stories that have a human or personal experience to them – and there’s nothing more personal than a past failure.

Offer your readers value.

All of the above topics have a shared element – they provide some sort of value for your reader. They might help your customer to succeed more in their own business, entertain them, or inform them. That’s really the crux of what killer content is about, and if you’re giving your readers value from your publications, you can’t go wrong.

And as a quick little bonus, here’s some more great blog topics you could write on:

  • Frequently asked questions.
  • Company news or changes.
  • Information around particular products or services.
  • Events or conventions your company’s attended.
  • Opinion pieces from prominent people within your organisation.
  • Staff profiles.
  • Any corporate social responsibility initiatives your business has been involved in.
  • New accreditations or partnerships.
  • Industry news.

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