Any good investor will tell you not to buy into just one share. The same can be said of your digital marketing strategy. 77% of business to business marketers say diversifying their digital marketing channels was key to increasing marketing effectiveness, and 64% said their leads came from more than one marketing channel (BtoB).

You might decide to put all your eggs in one basket – say search engine optimisation. That’s great to get you near to the top of Google and bring people to your website when they search for the right terms. But without other strategies to support your online presence, people won’t be reaching your website nearly as often.

Another reason to diversify is that different people occupy different places online. The crowd of people who are using LinkedIn to look for business will be different to the people using Facebook, who are different again to the people using Twitter, though there will be some overlap. Sometimes all your potential customers might be in one place, so it makes sense to put your money into that area. But if they’re across a number of platforms and you only have a presence on one, you’re actively missing out on a percentage of your potential customers.

This applies to different content mediums too. Some people watch videos. Some like to read an article. If you focus all your efforts to one and not the other, you’re selling yourself short.

Further, by using a number of strategies, each can complement the others to give you a bigger overall return. Content creation feeds into email marketing, which feeds into predictive analytics and leads to higher conversion rates and a better bottom line. But you have to be using a number of different marketing channels to get this to work for your business.